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"It's Truly Changed My Life and Training"

"It's Truly Changed My Life and Training"

Chris T. |  Fayatteville AR | Surfinshape®  Training at The University of Arkansas
So I"m a 47 year old Surfer, who grew up in SoCal, and starting surfing at 15 or so. Eventually venturing out to travel to Baja to surf as well Hawaii. Then taking trips to Western Samoa and New Zealand, Costa Rica, and many trips to Hawaii to surf the North shore. In 2002 I moved to Northwest Arkansas to live, but still continued to take surf trips mostly to Hawaii, The lake here keeps me going with wake boarding and wake surfing, to satisfy a little bit of the itch. It would always take a few day or week to get going, and to feel good and strong. You don't forget how to stand up and surf, its the paddling and duck diving, sore back and neck and ribs. In 2016, I started swimming the pool at the Univ. of Arkansas. I was swimming 4x a week to get ready to go to Indo and the Mentawai's. I felt great when I went on the trip, but still struggled to get going. In 2018 my wife found Surfinshape online and ordered it for my birthday. I went back and forth with Jay (one of the owners) about which board. They only had 1 board out, but the new one was coming out soon, and I'm 6'2 and 210 lbs when I'm in top shape. So I worried the board would be to small, Jay felt I had plenty of experience and surf history to order the short-board model.
In early 2018, some friends and I planned a trip to Northern Nicaragua for 8 days so I continued my swim regiment and then 6 weeks before the trip I cut my swimming back and started to paddle. I continued to swim 800m to warm up before paddling, as well as doing under water training for holding my breath. I started on the board at 800m with medium resistance 4x a week for 2 weeks, then did 1000m for a week, then 1200m for a week, then finished with 1400m for the last 2 weeks. I got down there and felt fantastic!!! Surfing 2x a day and no soreness in my back or neck and no sore ribs. I felt that i could have out paddled most of my Calif friends. They said at the airport, that they had only surfed 2-3 times in the last 2 weeks. yet here i was in the pool 4 times a week. We scored great waves and when your short board is a 6'6 Pod, 21 7/8 wide and 2 7/8 thick and you've been on a 4 ft board 22 wide x 3 inches thick, with resistance I felt like I was flying. My other board is a 7'5 hybrid fun shape/mini gun.This board is a game changer and now is part of my weekly swim/training work out. I feel great and recommend this board even to surfers who live by the ocean. Thanks so much!