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Frequently Asked Questions about Surfinshape®

What is Surfinshape®?

    Surfinshape® is a training board designed for use in a lap pool to paddle on in a prone position to get and stay in great paddle shape. Read and adhere to the warning label before using. 

How do I assemble my Surfinshape® board?

Where do you use Surfinshape®?

Will my fitness gym, club, pool, aquatics center allow me to use Surfinshape®?

Why not just swim?

Are there any special handling considerations for my Surfinshape® board?

Do I need to wax my Surfinshape® board?

How do I know which Surfinshape® Model to order?

Where do you ship to and are there additional shipping fees? What about VAT, import duties, and /or taxes?

I’m a baseball pitcher and want to improve my velocity, will Surfinshape® really help?