Get in Great Paddle Shape

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Designed for a Lap Pool.

Enhance your paddle shape before the next season or your upcoming surf trip.

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Stay in Great Paddle Shape.

Our patented board & reversible resistance bucket attachment create a great workout in your local lap swimming pool.

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"A powerful training tool for the avid surfer."

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Train in a Lap Pool

Surfinshape's patented training boards are designed 100% for use in LAP POOLS.  Larger than a kick board and smaller than a surfboardthe Model "O" (35L)  paddles like a short board, yet it's small enough to safely share a lane with another swimmer or paddler. 

US Patents 9,193,419, 10,022,608, and Foreign applications pending

Created for the avid surfer, by a surfer

Surfinshape®  was created to address the issue of helping surfers get & stay in strong paddle shape.  Increase your wave count, wave quality, and surf sessions by being in great paddle shape.

Train on your time & your pace.

Use our training guide to get started.  Paddle at 5:30 AM, 12:00 PM, or 8:30 PM. Rain, snow, or shine train up to 7 days a week on your time. There is no substitute for being on a board in water and paddling in a prone position to get in great paddle shape.

Surfinshape® Introductory Video

Model "O"

The Original Surfinshape Board

The Original Board - Model "O"
  • Right Size

    Small enough to use safely in a Lap Pool and large enough to provide a true paddle experience

  • Unique Design

    Designed, patented, and manufactured with input from industry experts for this specific training

  • Smarter Training

    This device targets specific muscles in your arms, shoulders, neck and back to help you paddle stronger and longer in the water

  • Adjustable Resistance

    Reversible bucket attachment feature provides different degrees of resistance for your workout -  this is where the magic happens when training

How Surfinshape® Works

  • Easily Adjust Paddle Resistance Levels

    Three different resistance levels with our workout board & resistance bucket.

  • Standard Paddle - No Resistance

    Pure paddling in a lap pool.

  • Medium Resistance

    Create increased resistance with bucket facing tail.  This is great for building paddle strength.

  • Full Resistance

    Bucket facing the nose is game on!  Gives you a sense of paddling out into heavier conditions.