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The Original Board - Model "O"

The Original Board - Model "O"

The Original Board - Model "O"


The Original board - Model "O". Features a shorter board shape/design but with some decent volume. Designed for use in a lap pool, use this board with the adjustable resistance bucket to train for your next surfing trip. Increase your paddle strength so that you can increase your wave count, wave quality, and improve your surfing sessions.

This Model "O" is ideal for:

  • All experienced, competent Surfers under 215 lbs  (unless you’re a pure long boarder and you want more volume - See Model "W")
  • Intermediate surfers under 205 lbs
  • Newer surfers that are comfortable paddling under 170 lbs.
  • Baseball pitchers 165 lbs and under

Product Specifications:

  • 4' 2" x 22" x 3" (35 Liters)
  • 6.5 lbs (including board, hardware, and resistance bucket)
  • Core made with Marko Foam Products
  • Deck Pad made with cross linked PE foam with Surfinshape Logo - available in white or blue
  • Includes resistance bucket & mounting hardware (bucket color may vary)
  • Made in the USA
  • US Patents 9,193,419, 10,022,608, and Foreign applications pending 

Watch the Video of Surfinshape's founder using the original prototype of the board to train for his surfing trip. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Great tool to stay in surfing shape

I love my Surfinshape. Excellent way to stay in shape for surf trips. Since I got it I never have to worry not being in excellent surf shape when I go on surftrips! its a dream come true!

Game changer - review by masters swimmer, water polo player and landlocked surfer!

Fate has made my home Regina, Saskatchewan. This is about as landlocked as you can get!

I swim with the masters swim club here and since moving from the UK the trips I've taken have been preceded by a lot of swim training but doing workouts in the prone position on the Surfinshape board has been a game changer.

Before I bought the board I decided to take my shortboard to the pool to workout on just to see if I felt a difference before busting out the credit card. After a trip to Panama that followed some training on my shortboard I found a big difference compared to just swimming so I decided that getting the Model O would be worth the risk (I'm 230lbs which is above the recommendation) but I did a good stint of training on it before another trip to Mexico and the difference in paddle power for the last few critical strokes was noticeable. It also made it possible to paddle out and paddle in instantly rather than waiting to catch my breath!

I’ve now begun to develop some new sets for training based on the masters swimming I do. So some paddle warm-ups, easy/fast speed work by 50m and 25m, some sculling and also some work with hand paddles. I head to Tofino on Monday and am excited.

I've also found that both on a surfboard and on the Surfingshape board as you have to turn every 25m it really helps my turn for a wave. To practice the quick whip round of the legs and back onto the board is great. I saw some comments suggesting that this would be annoying but I think it can only be another plus.

The other area the board has helped with is my butterfly, breaststroke and head up front crawl for water polo. This is primarily because from strengthening my back in the prone position so my whip kick and dolphin kick is improved too.

The board is worth every penny! I will use it for years to come and it will significantly increase the number of waves I get on every trip!

Outstanding Surfing Trainer

I've been using this board three times a week for a couple months helping me prepare for the upcoming winter surf season. I live in the Pacific Northwest on South Vancouver Island and am over an hour away from the nearest surf break. I also am 40 years old and don’t get out there enough to be in surfing shape for our big wave cold water sessions so I was starting to not have fun anymore and was seriously thinking of giving it up. That changed when I found SurfinShape and made the investment in myself and the purchasing of this product to get into the pool and started training. I just recently got out for the first session of the year and was so impressed with my stamina, paddling ability and just how much fun I had compared to where I was the last few years and it blew my mind. Let’s just say I have been rejuvenated and is all thanks to the training done with this board in the pool to help me prepare for this upcoming season. So if you’re a serious surfer, weekend warrior or just getting a little long in the tooth, you need to buy this board and start training. A huge thanks to SurfinShape and especially to Jay who answered all my questions about his amazing product and for getting me my stoke back!

Family Dreams

I have had the opportunity to not only get Surfinshape for my own dreams, but now I get to share those dreams with the creator of Surfinshape, Jay, to whom I can't wait to emulate one day! As you can see in the photo I added, I want nothing more than to go on surf trips one day with my daughter like Jay does regularly with his. I was going to post a photo of me training but since I am not going pro any time soon, I figured this was my way of showing how Surfinshape has entered my life.

Thank you for putting this together and I can't wait to get back to working out on my schedule soon!


I took two surfing trips to Cosata Rica this past year .I am strength and conditioning specialist so, I developed a surf specific weight training program combined with an intense swimming program. I thought I was in great shape and couldn’t believe how hard It was to just paddled out past the break. I had to let sets pass me by in order to catch my breath. I missed waves because I didn’t have the power in my paddle to get them. I was only able to surf for about 60- 90 minutes for 5 days with my coach helping me catch waves. For all that training I was disappointed that I didn’t get to surf more but, had another trip planned. The week I got home I found out about this surfinshape board. I ordered it immediately to use at my local Y. I did have a few older members complain but, due to the great design of the board both the lifeguards and aquatic director supported my use of the board. My next trip to Costa Rica was completely different. The first thing my coach commented on was how fast I was able to paddle out. I couldn’t believe it myself. It was still a long paddle out but I did it with ease and didn’t feel winded once I got ou there. I didn’t need to sit out there watching sets go by because I was too tired to catch anything. The first wave on the second set looked perfect for me, so I went for it without hesitation. I had the strength to catch it and paddle back all by myself. The waves were pumping for the 6 days I was there. I was able to surf for about 3 hours on all of the 6 days I was there. I got some super fun rides on the biggest waves I have ever taken with the least amount of help. There is no way I could have done that without my Surfinshape board. In my option this is a must have training tool for anyone who is taking a surf trip and doesn’t get to surf regularly. I can’t wait for my next trip. Thanks Surfinshape