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The Original Board - Model "O"

The Original Board - Model "O"

The Original Board - Model "O"


The Original board - Model "O". Features a shorter board shape/design but with some decent volume. Designed for use in a lap pool, use this board with the adjustable resistance bucket to train for your next surfing trip. Increase your paddle strength so that you can increase your wave count, wave quality, and improve your surfing sessions.

This Model "O" is ideal for:

  • All experienced, competent Surfers under 215 lbs  (unless you’re a pure long boarder and you want more volume - See Model "W")
  • Intermediate surfers under 205 lbs
  • Newer surfers that are comfortable paddling under 170 lbs.
  • Baseball pitchers 165 lbs and under

Product Specifications:

  • 4' 2" x 22" x 3" (35 Liters)
  • 6.5 lbs (including board, hardware, and resistance bucket)
  • Core made with Marko Foam Products
  • Deck Pad made with cross linked PE foam with Surfinshape Logo - available in white or blue
  • Includes resistance bucket & mounting hardware (bucket color may vary)
  • Made in the USA
  • US Patent 9,193,419 and other US and Foreign applications pending 

Watch the Video of Surfinshape's founder using the original prototype of the board to train for his surfing trip. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Works like a charm

The surfinshape board feels great, floats and moves through the water just like a regular surfboard. The scoop on the bottom does creates some real resistance for extra training. Fantastic product, I love it.

The only piece of equipment you need to be surf trip ready

This tool fits the perfect place in surf training. You spend most of the time in the water paddling, not actually surfing. Paddling out, paddling into position, paddling hard to catch the wave, etc. If you train your paddling skills you can make the most of your trip with maximum time in the water catching waves.

I had a 12 day trip to Costa Rica 5 weeks out when I received my Surfinshape. I took it to the local community pool and asked the head lifeguard if I could use it and the only question he had was "You won't stand on it, right?" He felt the board and was interested in it. I explained the bucket system and how I would take about as much space as someone swimming laps and he approved with a smile. For the next 5 weeks I paddled for an hour a day, 3-4 times a week. Alternating between no resistance to hard resistance, straight lines, zig zagging, fast and slow. The first several sessions were really hard, but I noticed a change about 2 weeks in where it was a lot easier to complete the workout. I recommend picking up a waterproof ipod as it helped me get in the zone and enjoy the time paddling. The board forces you to engage your core and paddle with the same muscles as when surfing and the resistance adds a whole another dimension. At the end of the workout cool down by paddling a couple laps without the bucket and you'll fly through the water.

I arrived in Costa Rica and spent 11 of the 12 days surfing at two different surf camps. We'd surf for 3 hours in the morning and most of the crew would be done for the day, but I'd head back out after breakfast and again in the late afternoon for the sunset session. Some days I'd be in the water for 7-8 hours!

Living 2 hours from the coasts only allows me to surf on the weekends, but if I know a trip or good swell is coming I can spend a few hours in the pool to reduce the fatigue and prep properly. I can't recommend Surfinshape enough!

Key part of training

I used to work, train, and race among the strongest amateur and professional triathletes and cyclists in the world. I learned alot about training and preparing for very long distance events. As such I know how important training and preparing for an event is. Specificity is key. You can only swim so much to prep for surfing just like you can only train to race bikes so well by riding a trainer and not getting on the road. I no longer prepare for a single day Ironman, but choose instead to surf my brains out for a week or 2 out of the year. Surfinshape is a key part of my preparation routine for surf trips. If you want to be ready to make the most of a big trip, you have to train with specificity.

The Original Board - Model "O"

Great addition to my surfing. Helped to increase my wave count at my local spot -Trestles, Tstreet which can be a zoo at times.

Paddling is the most Important Factor

If you want to be a good surfer, you have to be a great paddler. Everywhere the waves are good it’s crowded. What if you were able to cut the crowd factor by 60%, because you could sit out farther? What if You were able to catch the wave earlier, before it’s to critical, setting you up for an easier drop? Well surfinshape is the difference maker. Traveling to surf is expensive, so you can’t afford not to be in shape, But most important, I don’t want to sit on the shoulder and be a spectator, I want to sit on the peak and get barreled. If that’s not motivation enough, then your life could depend on you being in the best of paddle shape possible as the ocean is unpredictable. I’m in my mid 40’s, and I haven’t lost my stoke, but I’ve needed the Surfinshape to help improve my paddling. I’m in my 6th week of paddling 5 miles per week in preparation of another family surf trip. This is my third year using the Surfinshape to prepare for a trip and I will always use it going forward. Thank you Surfinshape for giving me the competitive advantage!!!